Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

perfectly iam ...

dear YOU,

why you threat me like that ?
im an ordinary
you know it at all
but you always claim me like that
such as special or a perfect one
im not a God
even a Girl God
you always say that i can get what i want
no you are wrong at all
im an ordinary im not a rich girl
im not a high class girl that you ever judge to me
im a lil ordinary girl
very ordinary
a simple girl
with a simple wish
to always stay beside you
to always loving you perfectly
yes im not a perfect girl at all
but i wish i can make my beloveds feeling bouncy perfectly

raport = report = repot -.-

raport ?
hmm from the word like report , isnt it ?
actually we r knowing well that "raport" is the last scores report of our lesson in one semester
but the word LAST isnt be a really last at all
what a holy fucking shit under my asshole
yeah thats word describing what my parents scored to me haha i means they were angry
82 is the average of my raport but my parents said its poor
poor , okay thats word is fucking me up
i mustnt give up
i know i can finish it well
i know i can reach a victory
i know i can make my parents and my beloved proud of me huahahah

amin :D

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

kindegarten art by me

XI - IS2 is my beloved class in the second year in senior high school 3 malang
and this is my art hahah LOL
like a kindergarten art, isnt it ? HAHA
thats all just my lil expression that i really love socialite :)

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

a cup of frozen yogurt blend

yeah rain still drops
drop on my wet body
oh my wet clothes
for a cup of you
a large cup of you
im perfectly want

blend you oh frozen yogurt
with some blueberries and blackberries
sweet and sour taste i swear
although rainy day
customize my day
cold and very cold
but you looks delicious as your yummy taste
cold body of you is delicious
i wanna more
yes more

and blady grass flies around me

blady grass flies
and i smile behind blady grasses
smile at you

cut me into pieces
with your rhytem of air

blady grass
please make me stop
for loving him secretly
for be like a fool at all

rain fall

rain fall
fall on my head
drop on my hair
wet perfectly
i hold you
with my own hand
i hold rain
with my own hand
tears happiness tears
you fall out
together with the rain
strongy my aliby
what aliby ?
im pretty fine
yes , i am
but God know well
how pretty my lie is
how great if im a liar at all
what does it means ?
what is miserable ?
rain , can you answer it ?
please tell me

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

wishlist for today

1. blueberry rasberry yogurt at yogen fruz, mal olympic garden, malang, jawatimur

2. strawberry chocomilk at coffe toffe,malang town square, malang, jawatimur

HAHA its not important guys
and how about your wishlist today ?